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An aquarium is not just a piece of furniture: behind the five panels there is a small world made up of interactions between various organisms and elements that goes far beyond the search for shapes and colours.

In recent years, man’s increasing demand for land has seriously threatened the survival of many unique animal and plant species, either directly, by destroying their environment through pollution or to make way for concrete, farmland or livestock, or indirectly, through the introduction of exotic animals that have replaced native species.

As aquarists we can do very little to curb these phenomena but, in our own small way, we can show other people our animals, their history and their territory. Let’s try to make people understand the importance that every little adaptation, over millions of years, has led these living beings to specialise in their habitat, blending with it in a perfect balance and using the resources it produces without damaging it.

To do this, we talk about the importance of protecting each individual environment and the impact our actions have in our daily lives, why in a setup one species is not worth another and why it is not enough for one specimen to survive in order to feel satisfied.

Finally, we believe that having the opportunity to meet in person and see some of our exhibits live, in events organised by enthusiasts for enthusiasts (and not), can effectively complement what we do mainly online, in the website, articles, forum and social networks.